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The Lava Report

Bonelli Sprint Tri

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With Xterra World Championships 3 weeks out I felt the little zippy/all out/red line/pedal to the medal race held here last weekend a good indicator of where my speed(if I have any) is. Xterra is balls out but about 4x's as long in duration. Oh and hell of a lot harder.

  Chose to wear no wetsuit as Maui they are not allowed. No sense in pampering myself with buoyancy (yes I would have) since in a few weeks I will be swimming one mile open rough water without one. Also chose to ride my standard and very non aero road bike for the little extra work and drag (that and I got too lazy to slap an aero bar on night before).  Swim and run went well. Came into transition right behind 1st and 2nd place. Those two kids took off running like, well kids!  Got caught and passed by another runner mid way. Damage control to the finish and stoked with a 4th overall.  What does that indicate to me for Xterra? Nothing. They are two different beasts. But then again this will be my 6th World Championship race on Maui and I know what I can do there. And know what to expect (usually)


Surf City Cyclery was out in force and gobbled up lots of hardware. Pic here on podium are long timers and still fast fellas Marc Hapke and Kirk Fitzek. Triathlon with some old school. And old school works. Proof is in the pudding. I mean on the podium.IMG 2879IMG 2871