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Oceanside Labor Day Pier Swim !!

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IMG 2557Holy smokes it's already Friday and we are about to depart and sit in that parking lot they call the 5 freeway to head south. Another open water swim competition tomorrow. On the Marine base again. "The Water Warrior Amphibious Assault". Fun and challenging.

    Challenging was the Pier Swim Monday. Okay I dug it but I am the furthest from a "pool" swimmer and much prefer open water/deep and bumpy. That and a HUGE swell delivered that Monday. Hats off to the Oceanside Lifeguards. I got to watch the mostly youth guards do an exceptional job assisting those in the earlier heats that got pounded by some big, very big lined up walls which were also very consistent and to add to that a huge rip current. Outstanding performance by them. Hats off to all who jumped in the water. Making the swim finish or turning back. I was way stoked with a 25 minute and change 1 mile gnarley/wetsuit-less swim. I got real lucky though and my heat did not deliver macking sets. I was able to duck dive and get outside pretty quick. Jodi placed 3rd opting to go wetsuit division for a little extra flotation. Good call and she had a great swim. Thank you Brian Long for the entry. I hope you run for Oceanside Mayor. 

Litterally off to another swim comp. Xterra World Championships entered and comitted again this year in Maui. No better training than racing. For me at anyway. Guess it's just what i love to do