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The Lava Report

What? Another surf contest?

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Yes. And great time it was. The World Championship of Bodysurfing came to Oceanside this year. So last week I got to experience it. Awesome. GREAT vibes these bodysurfers share. I signed up weeks ago and had to include a short bio. I guess it worked because they allowed me in. I learned a whole lot real quick. And still don't know much.  They listed the heats a week prior on line and I winced as I seen I was in the 1st heat @ 6:30 a.m.!!  Then I just happen for the hell of it google the 1st name on sheet: " Chris Lafferty"  (in red) and I stopped there. Dang. Wouldn't you know it. A past world champion and bodusurfing world traveler. I am going to get waxed........ then later to find out: A real nice guy as well as bodysurfing ripper.

 I advanced from that 1st heat into the semi's. Miraculously. These guys were doing tricks where I just tried to catch the set waves, ride as far as I could, headed for the sand, beaching myself. Get up. Repeat.IMG 0871

Those tactics only get you so far and I had much more serious talent in my semi. Another old salt, past world champ, and reknowned Hawaiian lifeguard by the name of Mark Cunningham was now in the line up as well. My chances to make finals now diminished even more. No worries though. I got to play in their playground for awhile and a great experience it was. Maybe I will even practice for the next one. Probably not.........I still prefer boaIMG 0820rd surfing..IMG 0904IMG 0824