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The Lava Report

Xterra World Championships!!

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IMG 2579Right now on Wednesday about 10 hours since off the plane from Maui. Early a.m. appointments and still recovering. Very challenging course/conditions as normal. So many Euro's and other foreigners these Xterra races have taken off around the globe. So world wide. So many accents along with fast competition. I  Very tight. Top 10 for myself and 3rd American. Jodi raced so strong and placed 8th. Her field is not nearly as large but the girls that are racing are ALL fast. Jodi had the 2nd fastest run in her division and ran down many on the brutal steep hot course. Many crack on the run. I sampled some hamstring cramps but just soldiered on taking in everything I could @ the water/gatorade stops so they  could have been much much worse. Never a good thing when happens but again I was able to tame them down and soldier on to a very satisfying finish. Maui is beautiful.The people are beautiful. The trip and race: Exhausting. No denying that. Will post more pics later. Here is Corey's beautiful daughter Sophie. Cheering on her dad. Great job Corey.  That is one of thee toughest courses on this planet. Pics of bike are pre and post race. Certainly takes a beating.IMG 2576

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