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IMG 1935Jodi qualifys for Ironman World Championships in Kona. She grabbed her qualifying spot this year and this will make it her 6th Kona- qualified appearance. Tough/cold/windy conditions in Idaho and this little spud baked her competition. LiveTracking allowed us to follow her on line. She was 8th place out of the water. 2nd place off the hilly and windy 112 mile bike. Jodi took the lead 15 miles into the run. And it then proceeded to gap her competition. Amazing. Dig the pic I got of her passing the dude with "Kona" on his back. Only 50 Kona qualifying spots with over 2700 entrants. TheIMG 1859m odds ain't good. But Jodi was : ) Congrats girlIMG 1876!!!112 2

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speedway bike kiwi and buzz 028We leave out of Ontario in just a few hours for Jodi's big race in Idaho. These past four Wednesdays have been spent having a great time @ Industry Speedway. On the bike. Damn I am missing it right now. But it is now time for me to support Jodi. As she has for me. She has traveled and raced solo these past few years (as have I) due to our pets that could not be left without one of us being home. We previously always hired a pet sitter to stay and spoil themselves along with spoiling the dogs. This is our first trip ever that we do not come (race) home to be back to our beloved labs. And I ain't so good with it. But such is life.

Jodi has trained for this and is on for a great race. Her new stealthy bike should serve her well over the 112 mile cycling leg. Her marathon legs are good for the run. The swim is said to be cold but beautiful. SIMG 1563he can be followed live Sunday via Ironman website. Wish her luck. Thanks and aloha!

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IMG 1715Motor grenaded for reasons unknown right in our driveway Monday. By coincidence I get a call from Bobby Campbell and I shared the bad news. He and Doug Greyson show up to my house Tuesday and install one of Bobby's extra's. Unreal. I made it to the start line Wednesday. And had a couple of fun and successful races. Thanks guys. The world needs more people such as you. Giving and generous      .(I know Bob!!! It's just a loaner for a few races)!! Thank you!!!!IMG 1712IMG 1679IMG 1698

First place division with a 5th overall against the young guns this past Sunday @ the 3rd and final L.A. Triathlon Series. Undefeated in division and top 5 overall all 3 races. Front tubular had a flat on my time trial bike Saturday eve so raced on my road bike. Really do not think it makes all that much difference on that course anyway. Bumpy as hell with some steep pitches may have even been the better choice. I still hit 55 m.p.h. on the descent down San Dimas Ave. Cool....that's my age.

Triathlon-wise all focus is on Jodi from here on out. Ironman in Idaho in 3 weeks. Pictured here is her first test ride/fit tweaks in our cul-de-sac on her new little rocket of a bicycle. Looking fast!!!!. She will be fast.IMG 1563

Pretty cool when you can race across town about 10 miles away as a crow flies on a Wednseday night sporting a no brakes/one gear/500c son of a beast. Then it's on to my more familiar  event this Sunday 2 miles away where the motor is all you. Los Angeles Triathlon Series #3 and final race. Far unlike my speedway racing I am going into this undefeated. Cool. But what's even cooler: 'IF" I make top 5 overall it makes all 3 a top 5 finish. At 55 years old. Guess that's what 30 years in the sport can do. So don't quit. Train hard. Race harder. Hope to see you this Sunday. Stay stoked. Race fair. Thank the volunteers.

Speedway - Ruby Dave at The Grand Arena June 04 2014 111IMG 1486

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Having fun sliding, staying upright and on to a nicely welcomed 3rd place last night.Speedway - Ruby Dave 112 at The Grand May 28 2014 1238B8C1821Copy-DaveRubySpeedway-Lo-Res