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I love the Marine Base of Camp Pendleton. Love everything about it. Top of the list is the beauty of it. So expansive.  We have open access to train, surf, and enter the half dozen or so of exceptional events they provide on it. This weekend was the Wai Kekoa (Water Warrior) competition which supplied a huge dish of tasty stuff. The one mile swim with obstacles spread out over it. The 5K obtacle run which  Jodi placed first female. Several SUP events. And my favorite: The Surf Expression Surf Contest. This old salty dude won that. Never grow up. Stay stoked. Leave the beach cleaner than you arrived. Be thankful.  Speaking of: Thank you United States Marines of Camp Pendleton. Great show you guys put on (along with protecting our country)!IMG 2254IMG 2274IMG 2240IMG 2239

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Raced Costa Mesa Speedway last Saturday. Yes got to race the famous "Bull Ring". I qualified  for the main and placed 4th in a heat of 6 riders. Fun stuff. Pictured along with great help from Jim and Doug is another famous speedway icon by the name of Gary Hicks. I have been fortunate to have been introduced and befriended by several knowledgeable and helpful peeps. NEVER would have even been able to race all year without them and especially Bobby Campbell. Thanks everyone.

  Jetted out to InterBike in Vegas yesterday. Saw many old aquaintences/friends. Same ol InterBike though. I always say I do not have return. Yet I do.  


Another fun race/activity being held on Camp Pendleton called the Wai Kekoa Beach Warrior competition this Saturday the 13th.      We will be there and have entered in.............just about everything : )IMG 2180

Hawaii count down. Pretty stoked. Never really can seem to get enough of it. Previous years doing "The Double"  (Ironman in Kona and Xterra on Maui) were held back to back. 7 days apart. And we STILL came home mid week only to fly back. That's how nutty we were about our dogs. Now the races are 2 weeks apart. And our beloved labs have passed. The only good thing about that is.................well nothing. Other than more time spent in Hawaii.

Just to clarify: Jodi will be rocking "The Double".  The only rocking I care to do in Kona these days is under a coconut tree cheering for her. But I will certainly suit up for getting dirty on Maui.

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3 heats last night with lots of 500cc motors everywhere. 3rd place first heat. 2nd place in the semi's. Was out front leading in the main and..............crashed. They label it "fell' and "remounted" on results which means I finished. Last. Worse would be a "DNF" (did not finish). Worse than would be: crashing, dnf'ing AND getting hurt. Fortunate and grateful for that was not the case. Can't say I am not sore today though. I am.

Pictured from last night is fellow early Ironman triathlete George Yates. He has been racing regularly.  We had been on some of the same triathlon race courses back in the 80's. He still races well. Even if a much different arena these days. Great to see and race (again) with you George. 
IMG 1825IMG 2115 2

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Final race for 2014 season @ Industry Hills Grand Pavillion this evening. Come on out and watch the excitement. Cruise the pits after races. Stop and say hi!!!Speedway - Ruby Dave 112 at The Grand May 28 2014 123 18B8C1866 copy-DaveRubySpeedway5-28-14Lo-ResSpeedway - 3rd Div. ME at The Grand June 18 2014 174

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Look Out Kelly Slater 1

IMG 2039photo 2    It's just a whole lot of fun being involved. And we have found over the years Oceanside has so much to offer in the "involved" department. Whether it's entering the surf contest, the Semper Tri triathlon on Camp Pendelton as in 2 weeks ago,  The labor day 1 Mile Pier Swim, The Hell Fire mountain bike race held on the base in March, the Water Warrior being held there next month on yet the base again, Ironman Oceanside, Brian Longs 2.4 mile Tiki Swim coming up, bodysurfing championships this past weekend, cheering the RAAM (Race Across America) athletes, concerts at the ampitheatre, surfing every inch of beach, volunteering charitable events (BTW: Beach Clean up Day coming up Sept. 20th)........stoked as the lists just go and on................

       To refuel and another reason for a date night we stroll on over and pick up some fresh produce and fruits from the Thursday Farmers Market.  Then w also  have a whole lot of fun choosing which newly opened restaurant to try. (okay we do frequent some favorites often and our "favorites" are growing!!)  Stratford in the Harbor has a new owner whom is very personable and then the food and service: Equally off the hook. The night before we sampled our neighbor Donovans workplace: The Hill Street Cafe. Over the top food and service there too. It is not difficult to eat clean and healthy in this town. Just one more huge appeal.....................

When not swimming, surfing, cycling , running: We walk everywhere. Everytime. Simple small trash bag in tow as it fills our soul reaching down and snagging the unfortunately left trash on the ground/sand. Which ironically is more so than not: Plastic. And I love taking the route that allows Jodi and I to visit our newly acquired friend/neighbor: "Scout". Just a beautiful specimen. Friendly, mellow, slow and beautiful. The owner gave the green light for us to share carrots with him. We pretty much don't leave our place without one in hand....................