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Yes. And great time it was. The World Championship of Bodysurfing came to Oceanside this year. So last week I got to experience it. Awesome. GREAT vibes these bodysurfers share. I signed up weeks ago and had to include a short bio. I guess it worked because they allowed me in. I learned a whole lot real quick. And still don't know much.  They listed the heats a week prior on line and I winced as I seen I was in the 1st heat @ 6:30 a.m.!!  Then I just happen for the hell of it google the 1st name on sheet: " Chris Lafferty"  (in red) and I stopped there. Dang. Wouldn't you know it. A past world champion and bodusurfing world traveler. I am going to get waxed........ then later to find out: A real nice guy as well as bodysurfing ripper.

 I advanced from that 1st heat into the semi's. Miraculously. These guys were doing tricks where I just tried to catch the set waves, ride as far as I could, headed for the sand, beaching myself. Get up. Repeat.IMG 0871

Those tactics only get you so far and I had much more serious talent in my semi. Another old salt, past world champ, and reknowned Hawaiian lifeguard by the name of Mark Cunningham was now in the line up as well. My chances to make finals now diminished even more. No worries though. I got to play in their playground for awhile and a great experience it was. Maybe I will even practice for the next one. Probably not.........I still prefer boaIMG 0820rd surfing..IMG 0904IMG 0824

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IMG 2430 2Okay this contest was filled with nothing but IMG 2416good stoke and positive vibes. Had a great time. Huge turnout and the Pro Contest was very impressive. Equally impressive was the 15-19 year olds just ripping it up surfing old school with a few new school moves thrown in. Taking photos were Jodi and Robert Little a friend I ran into while heading towards heat. He was in the finals heat last year against myself @ Waikekoa Surf Festival. And placed an impressive 3rd. Will post some of the good ones later. Great time. Great announcer. Great fans(Dave&Linda) (and the two sea gulls). Great bands. Great food, Great expo, etc. (and I happily placed 5th)!IMG 2448 2IMG 0536 2IMG 0410

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Okay it's late and I'm tired but quick recap on huge Ironman performance. Ironman and WTC call it a no wetsuit swim morning of race in Boulder Colorado this past Sunday. No Bueno. Bad, bad call. Then they let those who wish to wear suits, do so but not eligible for awards. Fine. But don't frickin start them in the last wave behind the athletes with some moxie going skin. With alll that rubber and buoyancy fly, trample and mow over most all ahead whom started  just a few minutes before and ahead. Bad decision. Bad call. It's 2.4 frickin miles. Not 500 yards.

 Jodi (like so many wetsuit-less) had a tough go on the swim. Altitude. Water got very cool far out near turnaround and then of course you have all the wetsuit enhanced swimmers coming up and over you. I hear the entire time.

      Did not matter too much in the end for Jodi. Results have 30th place out of water.Which is way far back for her. 11th off the bike. Ran herself into 3rd by finish of the marathon. Both other girls ahead are local mountain trained and living. Not bad for a little sea level living mermaid.Great job Jodi.IMG 0264IMG 2331IMG 0393IMG 0290

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Dang I mean really DANG time flys. It is late Thurs just before midnight and we fly out of Ontario @ 6 a.m. tomorrow for Boulder. Jodi races Sunday. The race will be live with athlete tracking as they all wear a chip. You can follow her race and cheer!! She should be in for a very good race. Lots of other fast women but she no doubt is one of them. If she has her day many if not most and quite possibly all.......................could be run down during the marathon. I will be there for support. Clapper. Camera Man. Pit boy building her steed as well. Good luck Jodi and enjoy the Rocky Mountain beautiful course!Jodi Kona Alii Drive 2008

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Raced at Industry Speedway again last night. Was not difficult but came to the conclusion the sports triathlon and speedway have zero, zilch, nada, nothing in common. For one and there are many, if you receive ANY outside assistance on a triathlon course you are disqualified. That means you could have detonated 90% into an Ironman race, flat on your back due to no blood sugar and if accept even a tootsie roll from a kind fan you are DQ'd. Pretty dumb. Very dumb. Lots of doping going on in both professional and amateur ranks of triathlon. Accept a gum drop on race course and you are canned.

    Speedway racing on another note one is totally or near totally reliant on their pit crew. Most are speedway riders, previous speedway racers but all passionate, knowledgeable and the help is simply off the hook. I would be even more lost without them. Thank you Doug Greyson. Bobby Campbell. Tom Rishton. Big Jim and Nathan Siegel  and......................Buzzzz!!  IMG 2279IMG 2311IMG 2282Speedway - Ruby Dave at the Grand July 22 2015 101

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Jodi again IMO is spot on for a great race in less than 2 weeks in Colorado. 2.4 mile swim:112 mile bike: 26.2 mile run. Yep Ironman. At altitude. Her new Quintana Roo with 700c wheels fits her exceptionally. She looks great on it. She rides it even better. Got caught getting a very wet taste of Hurricane Dolores last weekend while riding back through Camp Pendleton on long training ride. Even the lifeguards were running for cover!!!!  Ironman Boulder August 2nd. You can follow Jodi live on Ironman's website race day.IMG 2267IMG 2271